Airlines exist in extended geographical areas. Each location is specific in terms of fuel cost, airfares, airport fees, aircraft maintenance, and weather conditions. All these factors influence airline performance and income. As such, they have to be considered in planning and decision-making, while the IT company, which develops software for airlines, needs to understand the background and specifics of the aviation industry.


Tech Web Support has successfully developed a number of solutions for airline costs calculation, control, and management. The implemented solutions automate and optimize operations, such as incoming invoices verification, budget planning, or operations profitability analysis, for all workstations in all locations. Having the financial operations optimized and unified dramatically increases their processing speed and provides valuable data for planning and decision-making.

  • Invoicing
  • Budgeting
  • Automated fuel cost control
  • Collecting data for planning
  • Support in decision making


Time is of the essence in the airline business. A plane outage can cause loss of profit, and this loss is growing with the outage duration and produces a domino effect to other flights. We have delivered an airplane maintenance solution designed to minimize fleet outage time by streamlining spare parts search, shipping, and installation. The solution is linked to distributed warehouse databases to instantaneously update and furnish information. Integration with employee account management systems allows the efficient permission control without duplicate operations.


Tech Web Support extended expertise includes profound knowledge of airline fare-forming principles and cost drivers as well as long-term aviation industry competence. Moreover, Tech Web Support has successfully developed an online booking solution for other transportation domains. We can efficiently build an online flight booking solution from scratch to meet the airline company’s needs. With a tailored flight booking solution, an airline ensures maintenance cost savings and a possibility for easy and rapid solution enhancements, introducing new features, making changes and adaptations. See UI and user flows we developed for a cross-device travel booking solution.


Tech Web Support experts take over tasks from their customers and focus on technical and business efforts to reach customers’ business goals. Being fully integrated into the team, we analyze customer environment and business requirements and suggest a solution based on the most efficient technologies for each particular case. With our business process provisioning, customers maximize their benefits from end-to-end outsourcing of IT operations, such as significantly reduced costs, improved performance, and processing speed.